Immigration officer earns employee award

| 07/02/2019
CNS Local Life
Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presents certificate to Stafford Millwood (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS Local Life): Calling Stafford Millwood “the type of civil servant that makes the Cayman Islands Government world class”, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presented the Department of Immigration officer his Employee of the Month certificate for December, at a ceremony held Wednesday, 6 February.

Manderson explained that Millwood, an immigration officer II, received the award for exceptional leadership relating to his position in the Enforcement Division of the department.

“Recently, you were praised by Cayman Airways’ captains for your exemplary performance and professional ability while enforcing deportation orders,” Manderson said in a press release. “You have consistently displayed a team-oriented approach and displayed excellent leadership skills when conducting your duties in the Enforcement Section.

“You act with integrity and are known for your good judgement and decision-making skills. You champion progress towards becoming a world class civil service, as evidenced by your willingness to perform ‘above-and-beyond’ the call to duty when leading or supporting high-risk enforcement missions and investigations.”

Wesley Howell, Chief Officer in the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration, also praised Millwood.

“Stafford’s quality of work and attitude exemplifies public service values and inspires others to deliver ambitious outcomes for the benefit of the Cayman Islands,” Howell said in the release. “He contributes positively and collaboratively across agencies to deliver results.”

Millwood started as an office attendant III in Immigration in September 1999 and was promoted to clerical officer in November 2002. On 1 May 2014, he advanced to the role he currently holds.

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  1. Fed up. says:

    Mr Manderson later went on to say that while Mr Millwood was an exemplary member of staff he was being measured against people who had yet to understand what a ringing phone was and what the “reply” button meant on emails. He did say that great strides were being taken in teaching staff to a “never give a clear answer”, never “release any relevant information” and most importantly “never do anything within a reasonable period of time”.

    It is important, Mr Manderson said, that the single most important part of the civil service in the Cayman Islands must consistently have 5-10 members of staff a year arrested for corruption or other nefarious activities. If this doesn’t happen people might believe that the complete disaster that is the Immigration Department (now WORC) is down to incompetent rather than the more acceptable “few bad apples”.