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Presentations to address bullying

| 12/03/2019 | 2 Comments
CNS Local Life
Jane Panton speaking at last year’s Youth Mental Health Symposium

(CNS Local Life): The Ministry of Community Affairs and the Alex Panton Foundation are jointly hosting a series of community presentations on bullying and young men at risk starting this month. The first of the 10 planned sessions will take place Thursday, 21 March at the Webster Memorial Church Hall in Bodden Town.

The initial meeting will feature a presentation on bullying by the foundation’s clinical psychologist, Dr Erica Lam, which will be followed by a question-and-answer session, stated a press release.

The Alex Panton Foundation was established to improve the mental health of children and young adults through advocacy, awareness and support. It recently held its second annual Youth Mental Health Symposium.

Ministry of Community Affairs Chief Officer Teresa Echenique spoke of the joint effort. “This collaboration, to initiate community engagement on issues impacting at risk young people, follows on from last year’s presentations on self-harm and suicidal idealisation,” she said.

“The upcoming presentations similarly tie in with Government’s broad policy outcome of ‘helping build strong communities and supporting the most vulnerable’ identified in the Civil Service 5-Year Strategic Plan.

“We will provide information on the latest research on these topics, and will give an overview of the practical and clinical support available locally,” Echenique added.

The presentations will take place throughout the five districts of Grand Cayman – West Bay, George Town, Bodden Town, East End and North Side – according to the following schedule:


  • Thursday, 21 March – Bodden Town – 6:30-8pm, Webster Memorial Church Hall
  • Tuesday, 9 April – West Bay – 6:30-8pm, John Gray Memorial Church
  • Tuesday, 30 April – East End – 6:30-8pm, East End Civic Centre
  • Wednesday, 8 May – North Side – 6:30-8pm, North Side Civic Centre
  • Tuesday, 21 May – George Town – 6:30-8pm, South Sound Civic Centre

Young Men at Risk:

  • Wednesday, 5 June – Bodden Town – 6:30-8pm, Bodden Town Civic Centre
  • Wednesday, 19 June – West Bay – 6:30-8pm, John Gray Memorial Church Hall
  • Wednesday, 3 July – East End – 6:30-8pm, East End Civic Centre
  • Wednesday, 7 August – George Town – 6:30-8pm, South Sound Civic Centre
  • Wednesday, 28 August – North Side – 6:30-8pm, North Side Civic Centre

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They do it backwards. Supporting, while necessary, is not the same as empowering. I have yet to hear anyone mentioning coping skills.

    Teach kids healthy ways to cope with stress, anxiety and anger AS EARLY AS YOU CAN.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Why isnt bullying written in the law as illegal and subject to criminal charges? Or do we have to wait until a child/adult commits suicide?

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