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| 12/03/2019
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In a perfect world, when someone sends me a question I should able to get an answer from the relevant department/business/person in a reasonable amount of time and publish the response in a column. While this scenario does sometimes play out and I acknowledge that on occasion I have been gratefully stunned by a reply being forthcoming within a day or even a matter of hours, those times are definitely the exception.

Therefore, to those readers who have been waiting anywhere from months to more than a year for an answer, I want you to know that I have not given up or forgotten you. To make that point, I am including a few of those “still in progress” questions below (with some cut for length). Perhaps that will get things moving.

Government recently installed a number of “new beach access signs” along Seven Mile Beach but it appears that they were installed randomly – picking some and conveniently ignoring others (playing favourites?). What is government’s timeline for installing signage for the remaining unmarked beach accesses so that the public finally has proper access?


My concern is with the public buses. First off, what are the requirements for them to stop at designated bus stops? They seem to stop wherever they want, I assume because people ask to be let off there or the driver sees someone waiting. Anywhere else in the world you have to wait at a designated stop to catch your bus. Secondly, are there any rules or laws that govern how the public buses should re-enter traffic? Near misses happen all the time and the law-abiding drivers on the road seem to be expected to yield to the bus, at all times. Surely that isn’t the law?


During the last government administration the then minister of planning, Kurt Tibbetts, stated that there were plans to demolish the old government building and they were considering recycling the old glass. Whatever happened to this project? Is this still the plan?


Does Cayman do anything for the homeless people on island? I’m sure everyone has seen the lady who is always walking with backpacks and all kind of bags in her hand, sitting at various locations throughout the island. Then there is another elderly lady who walks from West Bay to town every day, sleeping on the sidewalks night and day. Do these persons have family or a home they go to? Has anyone tried to help?


I think all schools should do a regular check for head lice. Recently XXXX school had a lice breakout. Are these things set in place by schools to do checks?


And no list would be complete without mentioning the Customs Department, whose grade for answering questions has not improved since I published a ‘report card’ (see Customs gets ‘D’ for ‘disappointing’) almost a year ago. And, in case you were wondering, to date not one of the questions that I included in that column have been answered.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Annnnnd the complaint I had about the very public searches at the airport….??? You remember, the one where they were choosing every other passenger for the special screening and pawed through the luggage with strangers staring at the contents?
    Everywhere else in the world you have more privacy. I don’t think it is acceptable for strangers to view your unmentionables.
    You even came back to another request about it saying you were still looking into it. That was almost a year ago now.

    Auntie: Yes, I should have added that to my list of questions to customs that remain unanswered.