CharityDrive fundraiser ready to hit the road

| 29/04/2019
CNS Local Life
Central Caribbean Marine Institute volunteers at last year’s CharityDrive

(CNS Local Life): Island Heritage is set for its eighth annual CharityDrive, being held 7-9 May, which will again give three charities an opportunity to earn up to $10,000 each, with the one receiving the most social media support getting a $5,000 bonus. The community is encouraged to drive by the Island Heritage roundabout on those days with total funds earned depending on the number of cars that pass by. To date, the company has donated more than CI$230,000 to 18 different local charities through this event.

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) is the charity that will benefit on the first day. Marcia Muttoo, CNCF managing director, said of the event, “The funds will assist in making a diverse roster of programming on CNCF’s cultural calendar a reality. Upcoming projects such as Cayman’s representation abroad at CARIFESTA, arts festivals here at home, the annual summer arts camp, and the Rundown stage production cannot happen without the support of the community, and we are happy that Island Heritage recognises the importance of what we do.”

Set for day two, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) funds scientific research and educational initiatives aimed at conserving the marine environment. GHOF development coordinator Louisa Gibson said, “Funds raised through Island Heritage CharityDrive will benefit the GHOF’s efforts here in the Cayman Islands, including the biannual Southern stingray census, oceanic whitetip shark-tagging project, Shark Talk Initiative and other educational outreach programmes.”

In thanking Island Heritage, Gibson said the funds would help GHOF to “achieve our mission of ensuring that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ocean ecosystem where fish and other marine wildlife flourish”.

The final charity is the Alex Panton Foundation, a non-profit organisation with the primary objective of raising awareness of mental health difficulties affecting children and young adults in the Cayman Islands, with a particular focus on anxiety and depression. “This foundation has been established in memory of Alex Panton, who succumbed to the effects of severe depression at the age of 16,” said chairperson, Jane Panton.

The foundation aims to provide hope and resources to friends, family, teachers, classmates and carers to help save the lives of children and young adults struggling with mental illness. Panton said the funds raised “will help to support our numerous initiatives in place to support our mission, including but not limited to: emotional literacy programmes that teach children how to cope with everyday difficulties, how to communicate with other people, and build self-awareness and emotional resilience; a Mental Health Crisis Hub for young people; sponsorship for private treatment; peer-led support groups for 18-25 year olds living with anxiety and depression; and psychoeducational community workshops on a variety of pressing issues affecting our community, such as management of suicide and self-harm, bullying and mental health, and self-harm and suicidal ideations.”

Monique Bush of Island Heritage said as the company continues “to learn more about each of this year’s deserving, participating charities” they “couldn’t be more proud to give them our support. We encourage the community to join us next week to show your love for Cayman the roundabout way.”


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