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| 07/04/2019
CNS Local Life
Employee of the Month Simone Mamby flanked by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Chief Officer Wesley Howell

(CNS Local Life): Human resources manager Simone Mamby has been named Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for February for her role in facilitating the merger of the Immigration Enforcement Unit and the Customs Department into Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control (CBC). Mamby delivered an “outstanding customer experience” by playing a “pivotal role” in the merger of the two entities.

A government press release announcing the award stated that Mamby “worked tirelessly to coordinate various teams and manage new job descriptions”, demonstrating her commitment.

At the award presentation, Tuesday, 2 April, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson praised Ms Mamby for “being a tower of strength and support to the senior management team to meet an often gruelling deadline”.

The deputy governor added, “Your unmatched work ethic together with your pleasant, cheerful disposition helps you communicate and translate complex information into common, user-friendly terms.”

He also noted that Mamby’s line manager receives “many calls from the public expressing their admiration for her exemplary customer service and dependability”.

“What is even more remarkable is that you take every interaction with a customer or colleague as an opportunity to improve the reputation of CBC, and for this, we thank you for your dedication to CBC, for making it a world class department and making a difference in the lives of those we serve,” Manderson said.

CNS Local Life
Customs and Border Control staff at awards presentation (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Chief Officer Wesley Howell also praised Mamby.

“Simone’s integrity and diligence in serving our organisation speaks to her inspiration and confidence to build ability and credibility. She makes sure to communicate any information that can enhance employees’ experiences and she keeps fully abreast of changing government regulations and policies. This allows employees to have a better sense of reasoning and find comfort in their decision making,” he said.

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