Prince Charles opens schoolhouse in Botanic Park

| 07/04/2019
CNS Local Life
Prince Charles officially opens schoolhouse (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS Local Life): During the recent royal visit to the Cayman Islands, on 28 March Prince Charles officially opened the education centre in the planned Children’s Garden at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park. A partnership between local Rotary clubs and the park, the now officially named Rotary Schoolhouse is the first stage of the garden, which is expected to open this year. 

Beginning in mid-2017 the three Rotary Clubs in Grand Cayman jointly committed $150,000 for construction of the centre to develop “an innovative, botanical science and nature education building that promises to ignite next generation curiosity and initiate interest in exploration of Cayman flora, endemic species and natural history”, a Rotary press release said.

Construction started in December 2018 and within four months the building was completed in time to be officially opened by Prince Charles, son of the park’s namesake.

The Rotary Schoolhouse will be surrounded by flourishing endemic flora, an expansive lawn area and other interactive elements that will “create indelible memories, and positive stimulation for the many children that will be passing through”, Rotary said in the release.

Anyone interested in donating towards the Children’s Garden should call Botanic Park general manager John Lawrus at 947-9462.

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