Drivers reminded to respect blue spots

| 19/06/2019
CNS Local Life
Promotional material for the Not Your Spot campaign

(CNS Local Life): A year after launching its “Not Your Spot” campaign, Rotary Central Cayman Islands is again calling on the public to comply with the proper use of disabled parking ‘blue spots’ around the island, on the back of the initiative recently winning the Community Impact of the Year category at the annual Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association awards.

Susie Bodden, immediate past president of Rotary Central, said she was thrilled when she heard the campaign had taken the award and hoped the win would bring the campaign into the spotlight again.

“We had really great feedback and support from across the community when we first ran the campaign,” she said in a press release. “It’s important for us to keep this issue top of mind and to remember that disabled parking spots and blue badges are an essential service for Cayman’s disabled population, allowing ease of access to workplaces, shops, and other basic required services.”

William Inniss, Rotary Central president, Cayman Islands congratulated Tower, the agency behind the campaign, and thanked Bodden for her vision in bringing the promotion to life. “Not Your Spot is about bringing Cayman together to help support our disabled community,” he said. “With both our Share the Road and Not Your Spot campaigns, Rotary is championing respect for each other on the roads of Cayman and we ask everyone to be patient and considerate when out and about.”

Magda Embury, chair of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, said the organisation welcomed the Not Your Spot campaign. “Our council fully supports Rotary’s effort to bring to the public’s attention the importance of persons with disabilities having accessibility to designated parking spots for office buildings, supermarkets, shops, transportation and many other public areas,” she said. “This is consistent with our ongoing goals for persons with disabilities having full accessibility to all built environments, towards achieving independent living.”

Embury added, “Illegal parking in disabled spaces is an ongoing problem for our community. With proper education, incidents of illegal parking in disabled blue spots could be significantly reduced and the day-to-day lives of our disabled community made much easier.”

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  1. Geoff Scho says:

    The Programme needs to be escalated again as there are still many drivers that disregard the ‘blue spot’!!
    Many times I called 911, but have never seen the police apprehend anyone.
    So I started parking behind them (when space allows), putting up my blue tag and going about my business and return to some upset people – don’t park there next time!
    99% of the time the excuse is “I only popped in to do or get something”. THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE PEOPLE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There should be legal ramifications such as tickets fines, appearing in court and for the repeat offender jail time.

    • Anonymous says:

      100% agree. The RCIPS can’t continue to exercise personal subjectivity when it comes to the enforcement our laws and prescribed fines – especially if they are appealing for the public to help them bear witness to events and then can’t be bothered to act upon photographic evidence. It erodes already diminished public trust, and is a form of corruption.