One name policy for British passports

| 12/06/2019

The Cayman Islands Government Passport and Corporate Services Office (P&CSO) notifies British passport applicants — including for British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) passports in the Cayman Islands — of the rules and requirements under the United Kingdom’s One Name Policy for all British passports.

This advisory applies particularly to those applicants who show different names in their British passport applications from their current or expired (but not cancelled) National passport.

The UK’s One Name Policy, established in the interest of identity protection, requires individuals to use one name for all official purposes and documentation, and aims to protect the public from criminal and false passport use.

Under the One Name Policy, the following are needed from the necessary authorities of applicants who are unable to present their current or expired (Not Cancelled) National Passport that reads the said name as set out on their British passport application:

  • A valid or expired, Not Cancelled, National passport in the name as set out in Section 2 of the BOT Passport Application Form.
  • If name is not aligned, then the National passport must be renewed or replaced if it is not currently available for presentation.
  • If the National passport is lost and has expired and the applicant does not wish to hold a further National passport, provide a letter from the National Issuing Authorities confirming they know the applicant in the current name and that all future passports or ID cards would be issued in that name. Note – this has to be from the National authorities; notification from the applicant or any other party/organisation is unacceptable.

Further to this, the Operational Standards and Guidance Bulletin published by Her Majesty’s Passport Office details the following:

Alignment of Foreign Documents

Where dual nationals hold a passport or travel document issued by another country in a name different to that set out in Section 2 of the application for a BOTC passport, HMPO will not issue a passport until the names are aligned, therefore the P&CSO will not be able to accept such application.

Applicant does not want another Foreign Passport

Where the foreign passport has expired and the customer has stated that they have no intention of obtaining another passport from their native country, they must engage with the appropriate authorities in their native country. The customer must then obtain and provide written confirmation from these appropriate authorities that they recognise the name or change of name from XXX to YYY, that their records have been updated and that any future passport or ID card would be issued in that name.

Applicant has never held a National Passport

If applicant has never held a National passport, then an original Sworn Affidavit from the applicant must be provided explaining such details.

Guidance on the use and change of names, as well as additional security requirements when considering the use of names in British passports can be found on the UK’s Home Office website.

Application forms can be obtained from the P&CSO online.

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