RCIPS reminder on restrictions on road closure requests

| 12/06/2019

The RCIPS is reminding the public about restrictions on road closure requests for events that were implemented in October 2018. Namely, the RCIPS is no longer authorising road closures of main arterial roads (including the George Town waterfront) around the island on workdays during peak hours, which are 7-9AM and 4-7PM. The original press release and further details are below:

Given increasing traffic congestion in different areas of the island, especially during peak morning and evening hours, the RCIPS would like to advise the public that it will be evaluating public procession and road closure requests in a more restrictive manner with respect to main arterial roads on the island, including the George Town waterfront. As a general rule the RCIPS will no longer authorise the closure of these arterial roads during peak hours on weekdays, which are 7-9AM and 4-7PM, for events. Exceptions to this rule will be rare, especially with respect to requests for road closures during peak hours in the town centre of George Town.

The RCIPS is requesting that all public procession and road closure applications are submitted one week prior to anticipated events. This will assist the RCIPS with evaluating and approving the request in time to issue timely notifications about approved road closures. Those applications meeting the three-day minimum deadline set by legislation will still be considered.

The RCIPS commits to notifying the public of approved road closures for events in advance. Please note that the RCIPS is responsible for publicizing road closures related to public events only – road closures due to road works or other repairs/improvements will continue to be publicized by the entity responsible for the road work. Notices regarding road closures for events will be posted on this website and sent to the local media as soon as practicable based on the timing of the request. 

The RCIPS appreciates the value that public events bring, and will continue to facilitate these events whenever possible in order to foster a spirit of community and awareness of the many deserving causes on island. However, the RCIPS must also consider the inconvenience and delays to the general public road closures can cause, as well as the public safety hazards that congestion can also create on roadways.

Applications to hold a public procession (and request road closures) can be found on this website. Questions about the above can be directed to the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit at 649-6254.

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