NRA to install pedestrian crossings

| 12/06/2019
CNS Local Life
Map depicting location of new lighted pedestrian crossings

(CNS Local Life): The National Roads Authority (NRA) is getting ready to launch a pilot scheme for lighted pedestrian crossings to be installed along the CNB roundabout arteries, through the newly built extension, to the new roundabout at the intersection of Crewe Road and Printers Way (near Mango Tree Restaurant).

The purpose of the scheme, which will be launched in three to four weeks, is to find a solution to the potential problems posed by pedestrians who choose to cross the roundabout at locations, and in ways, which may prove both disruptive and dangerous to all road users, the NRA said in a press release.

The CNB roundabout has been chosen for this pilot scheme because it is one of the few major roundabouts where the approach speeds are at or below 30 mph, making it a safer location for the trial, as lower speeds carry a reduced risk of road accidents. The programme aims to make it safer and less disruptive for pedestrians to cross the roundabout, thereby improving the experience for all road users, the NRA said.

This pilot system will work the same way as the lighted crossing already in place on Elgin Avenue, which links the Government Administration Building to Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman.

Pedestrians will need to push the button, wait for the lights and check approaching vehicles have slowed to a stop, before stepping out onto the crossing. Motorists must come to a stop by law when a pedestrian is present at the crossing.

The crossings are staggered to account for drivers who may be speeding up to leave the roundabout, as they will require a greater breaking distance in order to come to a safe stop.

In addition, these works will also mark the opening of the Elgin Avenue/Mango Tree extension and new roundabout. There will be major changes to traffic flow due to the new road layout, so all road users should be aware of new pavement markings and signage, as well as alert to pedestrians using the lighted crossings, the NRA said.

Access to Printers Way via the right-hand turn lane from Thomas Russell Avenue will soon no longer be possible as this access way will be permanently closed.

The NRA will also shortly be releasing two public service announcements to illustrate how to use the pedestrian crossings correctly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could someone PLEASE tell the NRA which way is north? And could the NRA PLEASE always put it at the TOP of the maps they publish – as is done with all other maps?