Cayman’s women divers break their world record

| 23/07/2019
CNS Local Life
Divers in the record-breaking chain (Photo courtesy of Divetech)

(CNS Local Life): Women divers in Cayman blew out of the water their own world record of 86 participants set last year, when 107 formed an underwater chain in the sea by Lighthouse Point in West Bay. The event, held to mark PADI Women’s Dive Day Saturday, 20 July, also provided an opportunity to fundraise for the Breast Cancer Foundation, with more than $5,000 donated to the organisation.

Joanna Mikutowicz, owner of event organiser Divetech, noted the conditions were “perfect” for the record-breaking attempt, with no current and a flat, calm sea. Acknowledging that “coordinating over 100 people to do anything is difficult”, she added that all of the organisation beforehand “made the event run flawlessly”.

The “women followed the briefing to a T, everyone got into position right away and maintained contact with each other and the line the entire time…It could not have gone any better,” Mikutowicz told CNS.

With so many people taking part, there could have been problems with providing enough equipment, such as weights and tanks, but other dive companies stepped up.

“Luckily a couple other dive shops on island loaned us lots of equipment and tanks, we could not have done it with so many women without their help,” she said.

The event also holds significance for her. “This is my favourite day of the year. It’s pretty emotional seeing over 100 women holding hands underwater. It shows unity, strength and women supporting women.”

The fundraising element adds another dimension, with Mikutowicz noting that the Breast Cancer Foundation assists both women and men in Cayman with pre-screening or treatment if they cannot afford those services. “I think breast cancer is something each person at Women’s Dive Day has been affected by in one way or another so it makes it that much more special when you have someone in your mind or heart that you are supporting.”

Breaking the record proved a “fun twist” to the event, Mikutowicz said. “(It) gives us all a challenge because everyone likes a competition. We were breaking our own record from last year so it just goes to show that many more women in Cayman are involved in diving.”

As for next year’s Women’s Dive Day, she is definitely planning another noteworthy way to celebrate the occasion. “We will do something awesome again next year; it might be a bit different just to keep the event fresh but it will consist of bringing as many women together as possible.”

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