DUI workshop held on Cayman Brac

| 02/07/2019
CNS Local Life
(L-R) Sarah Dewson and Dr Katheryn Whittaker of The Counselling Centre and probation officer Sue Morrison at the DUI workshop

(CNS Local Life): The Counselling Centre (TCC), in partnership with the Department of Community Rehabilitation (DCR), last month hosted its first-ever DUI workshop on Cayman Brac. Five participants attended the 7 and 8 June sessions, which included educational presentations by TCC staffers Dr Katheryn Whittaker and Sarah Dewson.

The five-hour course covered a number of topics, including the human and economic impact of drinking under the influence, the legal consequences of DUI (including fines and ultimately the revocation of the offender’s driving licence), and where to seek professional help for alcohol misuse issues, stated a press release.

Participants were encouraged to discuss why they were referred and how their DUI conviction had negatively affected their personal and professional lives. Attendees were subsequently given avoidance and prevention strategies and showed how to identify their triggers. They were also advised how alcohol is processed in the body and its interaction with other substances, including medications.

Whittaker, who is a psychologist, said of the sessions, “This was such a fulfilling experience; to see these men engage in such thoughtful and honest discussions around the impact of driving under the influence.”

Probation officer Sue Morrison added, “The Brac is a unique and wonderful community which unfortunately also faces issues regarding alcohol misuse. The presentation provided helpful information that I feel certain will have an impact on participants.”

TCC Director Judith Seymour, noting that the centre has been running DUI workshops on Grand Cayman for more than 18 years, explained they recently made several make several changes to the programme’s format to meet increased demand.

“These changes, in conjunction with our collaboration with the staff from the Department of Community Rehabilitation in Cayman Brac, have now allowed us to more easily offer the group to residents there charged with DUI offences,” she said.

Minister for Health Dwayne Seymour called the DUI workshops “an invaluable tool in our mission to educate the public about the possible personal and communal repercussions of driving under the influence. They also represent another example of cross-governmental collaboration.”

The next TCC DUI workshop will be held in the fall.

For more information about the Department of Counselling Services, go to its website

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