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| 10/07/2019
CNS Local Life
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

(CNS Local Life): The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) is calling on local artists to submit work for an exhibition that will examine the role women have played in the development of early modern Caymanian society from the 1800’s through the mid-20th century. About 15 contemporary artists will be selected and commissioned to create related work in a diverse range of mediums, styles and genres, inspired by oral histories, archival material and historical objects.

“The exhibition seeks to facilitate a dialogue around the story of the resilience, adaptive ingenuity and technical prowess of the women who remained on land during the heyday of the Cayman Islands’ maritime industry,” the NGCI said in a press release.

In particular, the gallery plans for the exhibition to look at the important roles of Caymanian women of diverse racial and economic backgrounds. These roles will be considered in individual and collective health, especially reproductive and children’s health; in the local economy, through the prudent and creative management of local and remitted resources; in relationships, with the men who went out to sea for extended periods of time, and with the family, friends and communities on the islands; in faith and beliefs, formal and informal; and as keepers of communal memories.

The gallery is inviting artists who have an interest in, or a practice based around, issues relevant to the exhibition to submit a proposal. In their submissions, the artists are encouraged to move beyond purely representational work and to incorporate a research element into their projects, the NGCI said. In addition to work of fine art, fine craft, film and literature, the gallery will consider projects that include historical objects and archival material. The main exhibition will be NGCI’s lower exhibition hall, but other relevant venues in the Cayman Islands will also be considered.

Resident artists of the Cayman Islands or of the Caymanian diaspora can submit photos of work (or concept drawings/photos), with an accompanying statement relating the work to the exhibition synopsis. Each artist can submit one project which must be provided in electronic format and include:

1. Artist biography (200 words) and headshot

2. Project proposal with statement and artwork information (title, date, medium and a description of 200-300 words)

3. Images to support the proposed work (clear sketches, sample works etc will be accepted if the work is still in concept phase)

4. Link to the artist’s website, if applicable

To get help with developing a proposal, artists may book an appointment by emailing Successful submissions will be notified by email no later than Wednesday, 25 September 2019, with each artist receiving a monetary grant towards the development of their project.

Final artwork needs to be delivered to the NGCI site on or before Friday, 10 January 2019. The exhibition is scheduled to run from 16 January until 2 April 2019.

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