Police holding community ‘clinics’ over the summer

| 04/07/2019
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Community police officers at their stand on Batabano Road in West Bay

(CNS Local Life): Officers with the Community Policing Department (CPD) recently began a series of community ‘clinics’, starting with three in West Bay and set to continue through the summer, to interact with residents and provide public safety materials. At the clinics, the officers also discussed safety concerns that citizens had and handed out brochures and contact cards to the public.

Specialist officers from the K-9 unit and Erik Bodden from the Department of Agriculture also attended to provide information on animal ownership and responsibilities, the RCIPS said in a press release. 

The first clinic, held Wednesday, 26 June, at the West Bay Public Beach, attracted 30 people; the following day, at Plaza Del Sol on Batabano Road, the officers spoke to 15 residents; and on the Friday in Boatswain Bay at the West Bay Community Clinic, 40 people stopped by.

The plan for each clinic is for community officers to set up a stand in a public area, hand out public safety materials, solicit information through a survey, and generally make themselves available to listen to and interact with residents, the RCIPS said.

Officers also printed and handed out forms for the NICE clean-up programme to people hanging around the areas, and information on the upcoming West Bay community meeting was also provided. Generally, the residents who visited the clinics in West Bay requested more public activities by officers, more opportunities for communication between police and the public, and better victim updates.  

Community Police officers in Bodden Town held their community clinics on Saturday, 29 June, at both the Countryside Shopping Village and Coe Wood Beach. The Countryside location had a high volume of traffic throughout the morning and afternoon, and the Coe Wood Location had a smaller crowd that allowed for a more personalised conversations, the RCIPS said.

The officers set up two booths at each location, one of which offered crime prevention and public awareness tips and information, and the other provided displays and demonstrations on home property and security. Officers also administered a community policing survey to 127 people, asking about the main problems and public safety priorities of residents in the district. Bodden Town residents identified road safety concerns, such as speeding and reckless driving, as their main priority.

“Our officers will be following up on the concerns raised by the community at these clinics,” said Inspector Courtney Myles, head of the CPD. “Community clinics will continue to take place in all the beats throughout the summer.”

For information on Community Policing Department clinics go to the RCIPS website

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