RCIPS sets up dedicated comms link for crime victims

| 29/07/2019
CNS Local Life
Deputy Commissioner of Police Kurt Walton

(CNS Local Life): The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has established a Victim Contact Centre dedicated to improving communication with victims of crime, which has been a longstanding request of the community and an objective of RCIPS management. “Whether in community meetings, through feedback on our website, or even just anecdotally through acquaintances, we as police officers know that keeping victims updated on their cases is one area where our customer service has been weak,” said Kurt Walton, Deputy Commissioner of Police, in an RCIPS press release.

Complaints about lack of contact with investigating officers originate largely from victims of property crimes, such as burglaries or thefts. In its new Victim Care Policy, the RCIPS obligates all officers to notify victims about developments in their cases, such as an arrest, within 72 hours, and to provide general updates monthly.

At the same time, the RCIPS said in the release that it recognises officers with irregular work hours and several simultaneous investigations may not always be in the best position to maintain regular contact, and that the organisation as a whole needs to assist.

Therefore, the RCIPS established the centre within the Crime Analysis Unit with a dedicated phone line and email answered by police staff during regular business hours. Victims or complainants in criminal matters can reach out to the centre by phone or email anytime, however, and expect a response within 72 hours.

“To be clear, investigating officers are still expected to maintain normal contact with the complainants in their cases,” said Walton. “The Victim Contact Centre will support them in doing this and help us as an organisation meet the standard of victim care the community is asking from us. Making communication easier is the first and biggest step towards strengthening our victim care and overall professionalism.”  

During regular business hours, from 8:30am-5pm, the Victim Contact Centre can be reached at 649-2969, after which callers are asked to leave a voicemail. The centre can be emailed at VictimCare@rcips.ky

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