Cayman taxi fare app launched

| 12/08/2019
CNS Local Life

(CNS Local Life): A digital taxi fare calculator, CI:GO, is now available as a free mobile app. Launched by the Ministry of Transport, CI:GO can found in the App Store and Google Play by typing “CIGO” or “Taxi Fare Cayman” in the search bar. This app enables residents and visitors to quote their journey in advance. CI:GO allows users to drop a pin or enter the pickup and drop-off location of an intended ride, then specify the number of passengers and pieces of luggage.

Based on the information provided, the app will calculate the fare in both Cayman and US dollars. Options include getting a breakdown of the fare, editing the trip, splitting the fare or getting directions.

All fares provided by the app are based on the newly introduced national taxi fare schedule that went into effect Friday, 2 August. The ministry is also requesting public comments on CI:GO as it is rolled out, by clicking the feedback tab in the app.

For more information on the app and the new taxi fare schedule go to the CI:GO website

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Downloaded the App while away, to try out on the taxi ride home from the airport. As someone also noted the app can’t handle street numbers. There’s this California company with a mapping app that can find my street address in Grand Cayman, and calculate the route (and distance) to the next street address in Grand Cayman. But the local app can’t? Now that the fare is calculated to 1/5 of a mile not being able to calculate actual distance/cost makes CI:GO next to worthless.

  2. Bay Gone says:

    Gotta love this app. I say I’m at Camana Bay, the app suggests Camana Bay! Then I give it my house number and street address in West bay as the destination…..IT says “No Location Found”. Um…. did anyone say USELESS?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This can’t but help. Should be in headline news.

    It’s already been in Headline News: Taxi fares hiked but still no meters