Calendar of events to mark Recovery Month

| 30/08/2019
CNS Local Life
Serenity House re-entry facility at Caribbean Haven Residential Centre (Photo by Raycat McLeod)

(CNS Local Life): The Department of Counselling Services (DCS) is observing Recovery Month during September with several awareness-raising activities and events. In addition to a series of Table Talk recovery roundtable sessions with local radio stations, DCS representatives will be hosting community workshops in West Bay, George Town and East End. A Family Fun Day will be held at the Cayman Turtle Centre for the final event.

“The annual observance is an important part of the department’s outreach work with people recovering from mental health and substance use disorders, their families and the broader community,” said DCS Director Judith Seymour, in press release. “We have a clear mandate to help support families and individuals actively battling these issues. Along with therapies available at our community-based clinic, The Counselling Centre, and Caribbean Haven Residential Centre, we are using a joined-up strategy for targeting recovery by providing a series of educational opportunities throughout September,” she added.

“Recovery is a long and often difficult undertaking which requires understanding and support, not only by health professionals but also by the community, so as not to stigmatise and further isolate those who have chosen to try and overcome their challenges.”

Nancy Barnard, Acting Chief Officer in the ministry, spoke of the importance of awareness. “The more people who learn about mental health and substance use disorders the better,” she said. “I encourage teenagers and adults to tune in and call into the shows that will be discussing these issues. Attending workshops will also really help knowledge about recovery and the services available on our islands.”

Health Minister Dwayne Seymour said, “Mental health and substance use disorders are global concerns that we take seriously on a local level. These are equal opportunity diseases found in all strata of our community. Their detrimental effects on families and individuals are such that we ignore addiction and mental health challenges and their ramifications at our peril.”

For more information about Recovery Month events, call the DCS at 949-8789 or email

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