Police officer organises waterfront clean-up

| 18/08/2019
CNS Local Life
Officers clearing out debris from waterfront eyesore

(CNS Local Life): Community police officers, together with staff from the National Roads Authority and the owner of a landscaping company, came together to clean an area by the waterfront that was of concern to members of the public. On Thursday, 8 August, the group cleaned the spot on North Church Street across from Bodden Road after AC Fabian O’Connor heard that individuals were attempting to rent chairs and sell drugs at the location, which had contributed to the area being in such an unkempt state.

AC O’Connor then contacted the NRA and the landscaper, who were able to assist the officers in clearing vegetation and debris from the area, giving it a more open appearance and reducing the seclusion that allowed anti-social activities to take place there.

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