DCI earns gold standard award

| 23/09/2019
CNS Local Life
DCI Director Ryan Rajkumarsingh

(CNS Local Life): The Cayman Islands Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) has been awarded the prestigious Investors in People (IIP) Gold standard accreditation, which is awarded to organisations worldwide that demonstrate world class practice and operate at the highest levels of people management aligned to business strategy, ethos and values.

The accreditation is given by Investors in People, a United Kingdom public body that represents international standard for people management, defining what it takes to support and manage people effectively to achieve sustainable results. Underpinning the standard is the Investors in People framework, which reflects the latest workplace trends, skills and structures required to outperform in any industry.

‘Respect for Others, Unity is our Strength and Belief in our Purpose’ (RUB) are the three values created by team members that guide their daily interactions and activities.

Following an in-depth assessment of DCI, IIP in its insight report said, “Values are on the wall but you do not need them to be there to remind people of what they are. People are proud that they created the values… in line with the vision and the mission. Decisions that affect teams and DCI as a department are made in line with the values.”

The assessment further stated, “Innovation is the first word that greets people at the door, and innovative practices are the baseline of what the director has led the team to believe and achieve.”

The indicators on which the organisation were assessed include leading and inspiring people, empowering and involving people, recognising and rewarding high performance, structuring work, building capacity, developing continuous improvement, creating sustainable success.

DCI Director Ryan Rajkumarsingh said, “We are excited to achieve the Gold standard on our very first assessment as an Investor in People. This is a rare feat for any organisation. This award really highlights our dedication to staff welfare, training, development and innovation. When we say we are a team in this department, it is not just talk, it is how we operate on a daily basis.”

Congratulating the DCI on its achievement, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said, “This accreditation is the latest example of a world class accomplishment within the civil service and yet another major award for the team in DCI.

“In commending the team at DCI, I can do no better than to quote from the author of the report who stated, ‘DCI is the most unique government department I have ever had the privilege to visit and work with. The director is a bundle of energy, passion and genuine affection and interest in his people. He is a natural leader and people person, supported by a team of people that love coming to work every day and, many admit, have been spoiled in relation to working anywhere else… The Director and team are further supported by a shared HR, who has a love of the work she does and the people she works with. This is a government department with a private sector feel.”

In her commendations, Deputy Chief Officer in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, which oversees DCI, Tamara Ebanks said, “The Gold standard accreditation demonstrates DCI’s commitment to building a culture and a working environment that positively contributes to the overall health and well-being of its employees. It is great that IIP recognised the director’s ability to motivate and empower his team and how committed all of the employees are in putting team members and customers first.”

The DCI is no stranger to receiving awards. In 2018, it won Top Employer for Medium Sized Business Award at the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals annual conference. They also received the award for Excellence in Office Environment at the same event.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen if you have only 30 staff to look after….this could be achievable but not realistic for all other Gov Depts. pls if you look at the turnover and growth in DCI in last 5 years since Ryan has been there you will see majority of staff are considered fairly new. So yes it’s probably possible but not realistic in a real world.

    Nevertheless I commend the Dept achieving this goal.

  2. TNB says:

    Congratulations DCI! This is well deserved. They are a Government Department that answers phones, replies to emails and are always polite. If other Government departments followed DCI’s work ethic we would really have a World Class Civil Service! As it stands now, DCI and very few other government departments are world class!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Manderson please take care of these talented people they are helping you realize your dream. Mr. Ryan well done I know you have the heart of a champion and have always put Caymanians first. I am very impressed by you and the culture you have built in DCI. I am so proud of the civil service and what you are doing. Continue to shine and take care of our people as you always do. I do hope you can share your knowledge with the rest of the civil service no need to be bringing in experts they are right under our noses. Take care.

  4. anon says:

    Again,is the Director Caymanian, this is pertinent as he is a Civil Servant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious? The guy and his team has put the entire civil service in the golden light on a world stage and your issue is whether he is Caymanian? From this article it seems to me the entire department benefited as well as the civil service. Who cares if he is Caymanian? He has made us all proud!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Simply world class. I am not aware of any private sector company that has achived Gold not to mention on the first attempt. Our DG bold vision of a world Class civil service is happening right before our eyes. Sit back and learn.

    Come on private sector you can keep up.

    Congrats to Ryan and the DCI team. You make us proud.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great work team DCI!!!

  7. Ron Ebanks says:

    Ethics and Standards too many pirates .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations!! I have had many occasions to interact with DCI and can truly say that they are amazing. The lady I usually meet with has an in depth knowledge of information and an uncanny skill in explaining everything. It is a pleasure to work with her to streamline my business. She has assisted me so much and I now feel more confident in managing my business professionally and certainly within the legal framework that is expected.

  9. Thank you DCI says:

    Are their any private sector companies that have been given this accreditation where everything is done better?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, a thousand times no!, there isnt anything in the private sector that even comes close. I worked in the private sector for most of my working life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity but because of the “private structure” it was every one for oneself/ company. There was hardly any emphasis on anything except the bottom line. Hardly any mention of health and well being of the employees, which I am sure refers to more than physical health but more about the well- being of the employees. Public servants I know you more often than not get bantered about and put down but you should be very proud of your work. Is there room for improvement in many areas? no doubt there is , as is also the case in private sector. Always remember that you on a daily basis enable private sector to make their millions and satisfy their clients. They could not do it without it and when they deride you instead of making you look bad they diminish themselves.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am consistently impressed with the quality of service from DCI. Always responsive and always keen to help. Well deserved!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yet, NO ONE answers the phone…..go figure!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow amazing