‘Refugee’ bird lands in Cayman

| 19/09/2019
Cayman News Service
Marbled godwit (Photo by Denny Swaby)

(CNS local life): A marbled godwit (Limosa fedoa) has been spotted in the Cayman Islands for the first time in 27 years. Experts at the National Trust said this bird may be a refugee from Hurricane Dorian, as the last time one was seen here was the end of August 1992, when Hurricane Andrew also devastated the Bahamas. The shorebird was caught on camera, a long way from home, at Safehaven near the golf course ponds by Denny Swaby.

A large cinnamon-colored sandpiper, the marbled godwit usually inhabits the northern Great Plains in the United States and Canada during the summer but travels to coastal regions in the winter. A graceful bird that is especially noticeable when it spreads its long and pointed wings to take flight, uses its long sword-like beak to dig out food from mudflats and wet sandy beaches.

Although the species is not endangered, its limited range has seen it placed on a watch list.


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  1. David S says:

    Care you certain this is a refuge bird…., or a bird of omen? multiple hundreds of crabs crawling on the road is a sign of coming hurricand. Bad weather, the cat finds the highest spot in the house to sit. Tsunami coming is predicted by animals seeking higher ground and fishes beaching themselves. So this bird should return to his normal habitat after hurricane, not wait till its over then leave. This ay need more research. There are ubans on island that may have answers.

  2. eliza says:

    How lovely! Thank you CNS for carrying this story.