UCCI aims for higher standards

| 19/09/2019
CNS Local Life

(CNS Local Life): The University College of the Cayman Islands implemented new academic standards at the beginning of this school year focusing on five key areas: learning experience, curriculum, instruction, faculty and quality assurance. The university also has a new strategic focus that includes student centeredness, a well resourced campus and becoming an engine of economic development, innovation and social change.

UCCI said that this strategic development would ensure the university is able to meet its mission of providing higher learning that contributes to our local and global societies.

“As the university matures to take its rightful place in the Cayman Islands, UCCI is reinventing how we bring out the best in our students and future achievers,” said Dr Livingston Smith, Vice President and Provost. “We want to be known as an institution of standards, where parents are proud to send their children as their first choice and employers are competing to employ our graduates. The university is in transformational mode and these changes will propel the institution forward and will have a far-ranging impact on the wider society.”

With this new focus, UCCI will continue to concentrate on the level of education, social and cultural capital, advanced subject matter expertise and cognitive development. These initiatives nurture a civic responsibility from each of the students and provides school leavers and adults with a lifetime of personal and professional successes, UCCI said in a release.



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