North Side District Heritage Day cancelled

| 31/10/2019

The Pirates Week Office in conjunction with the North Side District Heritage Committee advises the public the Heritage Day originally scheduled for Thursday, 14 November, and all events associated with the North Side District Heritage Committee have been cancelled for this year.

The Pirates Week Office assists committees in the various districts with hosting of events as part of the festival. However, due to circumstances beyond the office’s control, a decision has been taken to cancel the events in North Side for the 2019 festival.

“We regret that we have had to arrive at such a decision, but this was done after consultation with the relevant stakeholders. The North Side District Heritage Committee, which is responsible for making the necessary arrangements, has become inactive. As such, we have decided to adjust our calendar rather than hurriedly attempting a haphazard event at this late stage that does not meet the standards that have become associated with the North Side District Day event,” said Pirates Week Executive Director, Melanie McField.

Due to the absence of a functioning committee in North Side, the district will not be represented in the Float Parades or the District Heritage Ambassador Heritage Costume Competition.

Among the stakeholders with whom discussions have been held was North Side MLA, Ezzard Miller, who agrees with the decision.

“I am understandably disappointed that there will be no Pirates Week events to attract people to the wonderful district of North Side this year. However, having been briefed on the situation, I appreciate that a call had to be made,” said Miller.

“I am hoping that coming out of this situation, we will be able to attract people with a genuine love of our Caymanian heritage from our district to stand up and be counted to ensure that North Side is represented in all aspects of the national festival going forward,” Miller added.

The rest of the Pirates Week calendar remains unchanged.

Pirates Week Events Schedule

“The Pirates Week Office, assisted by dedicated volunteers, continues to work with all interested parties to ensure District Days are successful in highlighting Caymanian heritage and bringing enjoyment to those who attend,” McField said.

She added, “Everything is in place to ensure maximum entertainment and enjoyment is available to our locals and visitors.”


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  1. Trudatis says:

    The rotten borough at least accepted it has no heritage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any chance they can remove the trash from the last one. There is a derelict trailer and a wood structure that have been there for a year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on Ezzard, you must be able to get the District of under 400 voters to work together…nearly all Caymanians in your district as well. Can’t blame driftwood for this one.