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| 27/10/2019
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(CNS Local Life): “The Change Project”, a new documentary video on cyber-bullying in the Cayman Islands, premiered Friday night at a red carpet event at Camana Bay Cinema. A joint project by Logic and the video’s creators, Vagabond Media Group, the 20-minute documentary is the focal point of Logic’s new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign on educating the public about cyber-bullying and the effects it can have on people throughout their lives.

“As we grow into becoming the largest telecom provider of home internet, we felt a responsibility to educate the public on the impacts of their online behaviour,” said Rob McNabb, CEO of Logic. “We believe the first step to solving a problem is to highlight the issue, which this documentary so
clearly does, and we are proud to help be a part of the solution on cyberbullying in the Cayman Islands going forward.”

Monica Walton, owner and founder of Vagabond Media Group, filmed the documentary over the last year attending numerous events, filming at John Gray High School, interviewing experts in mental health and following local teenagers around to get their perspective on how they are impacted by online bullying.

“It was truly an eye opening experience,” said Walton. “These kids opened up their lives to us and they are so brave to share their stories so that we can educate the public that online behaviour, social media bullying and people’s words have real impact on mental health and the well-being of our
young people.”

Some of the stories children shared touched upon their feelings of depression, isolation and anxiety stemming from social media bullying.

The film was attended by approximately 150 people, including the Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and John Gray High School Principle Jon Clark.

Attendees at the event were asked to ‘take the pledge’ against cyber-bullying and to promise to promote positive online behaviour.

Logic and Vagabond Media Group would like to give special thanks to the Alex Panton Foundation, John Gray High School, Taya Lounge, the National Drug Council, On course Cayman and United Against Bullying for access to their organisations and for sharing their expertise in mental health and bullying.

The film can now be seen here

Logic is asking that all ‘take the pledge’ on the website in the promotion of positive online behaviour.

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    Cayman Mark Road owners/contributors: this is mandatory viewing for all of your pack!