Garbage pickups rescheduled

| 31/12/2019

The Department of Environmental Health advises that garbage pick-ups scheduled for last Thursday and Friday, 26-27 December 2019 will instead be collected today Tuesday, 31 December.  These areas include:

·         Hirst Rd.- from Countryside Plaza to inside Moonbeam Dr.,

·         Shamrock Rd. from the entrance of Condor Rd. to inside Midland Acres, 

·         Will T. Dr. to Northward entrance included Old Yard Ln.,

·         From Midland Acres. to John Mclean Dr.,

·         Frank Sound Rd. to Hut land Rd.,

·         From the entrance of Northward Rd. to Belford Estates via Condor Rd., 

·         Ocean Club, to Spotts Newlands, Frank Hall Homes. 

Pick-ups scheduled for Monday, 30 December will instead be collected tomorrow, 1 January 2020. These areas include:

·         Small roads in West Bay,

·         Andresen Dr. to Pappagallo,

·         Conch Point Rd, to Meadow Ave., 

·         The Shores, Batabano Rd., 

·         Central Town,

·         Canal Point Rd. to West Bay Fire Station,

·         Barnett Cl. to inside Andresen Dr., 

·         Northwest Point Rd. to Fountain Rd. include Rennie Ebanks Rd. Watercourse Rd., 

·         Boggy Sand Rd,

·         Powell Smith Dr.,

·         Town Hall Rd,

·         Rev. Blackman Dr.,

·         Watercourse Rd.,

·         Hell Rd.,

·         Mount Pleasant route. 

The delays are due to an increase in waste being put out over the holiday period and the Department apologises for any inconvenience caused.


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  1. C says:

    With all the garbage collected over the Holidays can anybody say how many of those house holds did any recycling. I bet more than half of that was what they ate and dranked from could have been recyled.