Seafarers Association AGA

| 09/01/2020

The Cayman Islands Seafarers Association wishes to inform all members that there will be a General Meeting on Tuesday, 21 January at 7:30pm in the Seafarer’s Hall, 11 Victory Ave, Prospect.

Nominations are being held for Council 2020-2021.

There will be three buses leaving from West Bay Town Hall at 6:00pm.

The Barnes Bus route, in George Town, leaves the Public Library parking area at 6:45pm, stopping at Cayman Compass Building and the Airport Fosters.

The blue bus marked Bobo, $1 public transport, will do pickups from British Caymanian, Uncle Bill’s, Walkers Rd, Shedden R. and Crewe Rd.

The bus from East End will do pickups from the school parking, the gas station and Wreck of the Ten Sails, starting at 5:45pm.

North Side pickups will be at Chisholms Store and Soccer Field starting at 6:15pm.

Bodden Town pickups will be at Lorna’s Gas Station at 6:45pm.

Savannah pickups will be at the gas station at 7:00pm.

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