Liquor licensees with restaurant licence not permitted to deliver liquor with food

| 23/04/2020

The Liquor Licensing Boards of the Cayman Islands advise licensees with a restaurant licence that they are not permitted to do deliveries with food. Liquor licence holders are further advised that deliveries are only permitted under certain categories of licences of the Liquor Licensing Law with approval of the Liquor Licensing Board.

Section 10 (7) of the Liquor Licensing Law provides that, “A restaurant licence permits the disposal of intoxicating liquor to any person at a restaurant, or other premises affixed to the land, at which food is served for consumption on the premises”.

Those found in breach of the law will be liable on summary conviction to a fine of one thousand dollars and to imprisonment for one year.

Licence holders are also reminded to adhere to the opening hours which are outlined on the licence. Closing hours must comply with hard curfew hours.

Interested members of the public can email for information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this really what we want to be doing right now? Stopping restaurants that could be barely surviving from being able to deliver the part of their business that has the highest profit margin? Unna couldn’t just turn a blind eye for a few weeks or give them permission to do this during the curfew period under certain conditions? SMH