Liquor licence holders require trade and business licence

| 02/07/2020

The Department of Commerce of Investment wishes to advise current holders of liquor licences, without a trade and business licence, to submit an application to the Trade and Business Licensing Board before 31 August.

Effective 1 October, all liquor licence holders are required to have a valid trade and business licence along with a liquor licence to sell and distribute intoxicating liquor.

This is pursuant to the Liquor Licensing Law, which was revised in 2016. Included in the changes was the requirement for a liquor licence holder to obtain a valid trade and business licence prior to holding a liquor licence.  When the law came into effect in 2016, holders of valid liquor licences were given an exemption for a transitional period.

This exemption expires September 2020.

Members of the public can contact the Department of Commerce and Investment for trade and business licensing information at 345-945-0934 or via email

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