Water Authority advisory

| 05/10/2020

Water Authority – Cayman would like to urge all customers to complete all necessary storm preparations and seek shelter as soon as possible. Customers are reminded that the Authority’s offices are closed today (Monday 5 October); however, customers can still utilize our online payment platform via our website, www.waterauthority.ky.

Depending on the forecasted path and predicted severity of the storm, it may be necessary for the Authority to temporarily interrupt water service in order to protect the distribution system. Should this action be necessary, the Authority will give as much notice as possible once such a decision has been made. Customers should ensure they have sufficient water stored for drinking and non-drinking purposes.

If you are planning to shelter somewhere other than your property, the Water Authority advises you to turn off the customer shut-off valve to prevent unexpectedly high-water bills and property damage, should a leak occur in your property’s plumbing during the storm.

Due to expected heavy rains, sewage customers should be mindful of the potential of sewage backflow. Customers who currently have a sewage backflow prevention device installed, as part of pre-hurricane season preparations, should ensure the device has undergone proper maintenance and inspection to ensure it is not blocked or stuck in the “open” position. Customers who do not have a sewage backflow prevention device may consider installing temporary screwed-in plugs in showers and floor drains on the ground floor immediately before the storm.

Please continue to listen to your radio or visit our website and social media accounts for further updates.


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