Air traffic controllers take refresher course

| 17/03/2016
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One of the two groups who attended the air traffic controller course

(CNS): Every year, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority’s (CIAA) air traffic controllers take the opportunity to refresh their skills to maintain the highest possible level of professional competence at both Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA) and Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (CKIA). At the most recent session, 22 air traffic controllers, 16 from ORIA and the rest from CKIA, attended the weeklong course in Miami.

The specialised refreshers training course was held at the Pan Am International Flight Academy. The air traffic controllers, including four trainees and two assistants, were split into two groups who attended the course for a week each between Monday, 22 February and Friday, 4 March.

According to CIAA’s acting air traffic control manager, Craig Smith, “Instructors from the Pan Am International Flight Academy were very pleased with our professionalism and stated once again that the CIAA’s team of procedural controllers were some of the best they have seen.”

The flight academy has locations throughout the US and the world to provide training and support for airlines and aviation professionals.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So do all the air traffic controllers from the major US airports attend this “Academy” for training?. If so our guys with a fraction of the air traffic, must be really incredible performers. At least they have shown they can handle the traffic here with half their number absent.