Unable to contact the skate park

| 18/03/2016

My son would like to have his birthday party at the Black Pearl Skate Park but we have not been able to get in touch with anyone there to organise it.  I have tried numerous phone numbers and email addresses as a result of internet searches, but no luck (they all appear to be out of order).  I understand someone from the government is now running it.  Do you know how to reach them?

Auntie’s answer: You are absolutely right – someone from government is now in charge of the skate park and it is operating as a non-profit organisation. The person to contact is Michael Myles (tel: 925-2012), whose day job is in the Ministry of Education as programme coordinator and liaison officer for at-risk youth.

While the main draw may be the great skate park, the facility also offers basketball every day and chess on Saturday mornings. A team of people is there to operate the park every day. Hours are Sunday-Thursday, 3pm-7pm, and Friday/Saturday, 3pm-9pm.

Here is the party form that offers a good overview of what is available to rent from the park and the cost. For information on waivers, park rules and other questions, contact Myles.

Hope your son enjoys his birthday party.


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