Acquiring status for 18-year-old son

| 20/04/2016

My son was born in 1998. I was told by a friend he can apply for status on his 18th birthday. Can you please help get some correct information?

Auntie’s answer: I am afraid I cannot offer you the information you seek; I can only lead you to where you might be able to find the answer. And here’s why: I contacted the immigration official who has been very helpful in answering previous questions with which that department deals, and I am told you have not given enough information, as the “question is too vague and does not provide enough detail”.

But, having said that, the official added that there are a number of routes to Caymanian Status, with each having specific requirements, depending of the type of status being applied for.

It is suggested that you visit the Department of Immigration website and look at the section that concerns acquiring status. Here is the relevant link.

Once you read through the information, the hope is you will be able to ascertain under which category your son would fall. At that point, the official recommends you seek advice from an attorney or an immigration consultant. I realise that could be an expensive proposition, so if you have already checked the website and are still confused, please write to me again offering more specifics about your son’s situation and I will try to get a more detailed answer for you.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I am currently residing in the Cayman Islands for over the period of fifteen years, can I now apply for Permanent Residency? Is there a new law guiding that?