Concern over PR application not being processed

| 18/04/2016

I submitted my permanent residence (PR) application 18 months ago and according to the Immigration Department applications received since the change in law are not being dealt with, and no-one can say when they will be. I’m coming up to 10 years on Island. What happens now? Will I be rolled over?

Auntie’s answer: The simple answer for you is to hang fire. While I know that the approval process for permanent residence has hit a proverbial brick wall, you do not have to worry about being forced to leave the island.

I passed your question to an immigration official who responded that “persons who have submitted their PR applications within the time limit will be allowed to remain and work on Island until their application has been processed”.

The only requirement for you at this point is to maintain your permission to continue working (PCW) which you do by filling out the form for renewal every six months. Here is a link to the form you need to complete.

Along with filing the form, the equivalent of half of your annual work permit fee has to be paid.

The official explained that for anyone waiting for the determination of their PR application, a PCW form should have been submitted prior to or upon the expiration of their last work permit, and a PCW must be renewed before the old one runs out.

If you have not maintained your PCW status, the immigration representative cautioned that you will need to go to the department as soon as possible “in order to regularise (your) immigration status”.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly having 10 years residency is not the only requirement. This may be difficult for some persons to understand but the Cayman Islands can not approve every application for PR. In larger countries like the US and Canada there are other requirements in additiion to time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As more and more people pass 10 yrs on island without a determination of PR status, it is time for some type of class action to enforce automatic grant of PR.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont think it should be automatic as some may have criminal issues. Should the country give PR to a murderer from overseas?

      Note that I dont know you particular case.