Unhappy with water-delivery service

| 21/04/2016

I have a cistern and during the dry days/weeks/months, I have to order water from a particular local company. However, after waiting more than 12 hours (sometimes even 24 hours) on a delivery of water that is urgently needed, I am a bit frustrated with the customer service and would like to know if there are any companies on island that can assist with filling up a cistern?

Auntie’s answer: I did a bit of searching and, while there are a few companies in Cayman that supply bottled water, I only found one that also delivered water to fill up a cistern. I will have to assume that the name I came up with is the same one that is the source of your ire. So, I guess this means that I will not be able to help you find an alternate supplier.

The only thing I can suggest you try, in case you have not already done so, is to take your complaint as high up in the company hierarchy as you can. Once when I experienced frustrations with service that seemed particularly poor in an unrelated company and had not had any joy with those habituating the customer-service department, I took my complaint all the way to the top.

I feel that, generally, the head of a company, if good at his or her job, will not be happy knowing that the service provided is not up to scratch. And they certainly do not want to be spending their day fielding complaints. In my case, my issue was then dealt with promptly.

I am not saying you will be guaranteed satisfaction, but it is certainly worth a try.

If all else fails, the good news is that the rainy season will soon be here.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have access to city water provided by the Water Authority, as well as cistern water? If you do, it is much less expensive to fill your cistern using a hose connected to city water than getting it bulk delivered. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

    10,000galls of bulk delivered water will cost you CI$550, $500 for the water and $50 for delivery. The same water ( and it is literally the same water as the bulk supplier buys it from the same source ) from the water Authority will cost you CI$168. It takes a day or so to fill the cistern, but for a saving of CI$382, I was quite happy to run the hose.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Or just drink more wine

  3. Anonymous says:

    You could also think of water like you do milk or wine and purchase more before you run out.