Newcomer to Cayman wants to tread the boards

| 26/05/2016

I am keen on amateur dramatics and I am new to the island. What options are out there and who do I contact?

Auntie’s answer: You are in luck because, although Grand Cayman is small, our little island supports a fantastic amateur theatre – the Prospect Playhouse, which is home to the Cayman Drama Society (CDS), a voluntary group filled with enthusiastic and talented people.

Throughout the year, CDS puts on plays and musicals, each one better than the last, with all aspects of the production – from acting to music to lights – handled by this tireless group of people who manage to create near-professional shows.

Even better, all ages are welcome, so you will often have a cast and crew ranging from primary students to those, shall we say, much more long in the tooth. Of course, that also means that all the hard work has to be done in addition to either going to school or going to work, so these guys clearly love participating.

You will have to excuse my excitement in talking about the playhouse, but I can’t help myself.

Last month, the group put on the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which was so well done and well received that the theatre was forced to add dates, and those sold out almost instantly. Seeing the handmade coat on its own was worth the price of admission.

Next up in June is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. If you want to take Auntie’s advice, get your tickets early.

For information on Prospect Playhouse and the Cayman Drama Society, along with the schedule of upcoming performances, here is their website, or email them at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Or you can attempt to satisfy your love of dramatics-and farce in particular- by watching our Members of the Legislative Assembly pretending to be intelligent politicians on the rare not to be missed occasions when the Legislative Assembly is in session.