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| 31/05/2016

I am visiting Cayman for a week and was wondering where I could buy freshly caught fish.

Auntie’s answer: As we are on an island surrounded by beautifully clear, clean water, you are in great luck, which you probably already know. There are several options for buying a lovely assortment of fresh fish, including tuna, wahoo, snapper and dolphin (don’t panic, this last fish, also known as mahi mahi, is not Flipper, I promise).

I suppose the easiest way to pick up some fish would be to head to one of the supermarkets on Grand Cayman – Foster’s, Kirk or Hurley’s. All three have fresh produce departments where you can purchase local fish.

However, there are outdoor outlets available, which not only would provide the fish you seek, but would also be a much more hands-on and fun experience.

The spot that usually gets the bulk of online recommendations from tourists is the fish stall right on the waterfront in George Town. Located next to Cayman Cabana restaurant, you will find fishermen selling their wares at tables set up under canopies. You can be sure their fish is literally fresh off the boat, since their boats are right off shore.

A relative newcomer to the outdoor scene is the farmer’s market by the Cricket Grounds right across from the end of the airport runway. I hear that fresh fish is sold there among all the other local produce available. (If I have been misinformed, please let me know.)

Or, you could always charter a fishing boat (which are easy to find online) and catch some yourself. Nothing could be fresher than that.


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  1. Norman says:

    What is sadly surprising is how little fresh fish is available at local supermarkets. 90% is farmed and much even comes from Asian fish farms.