Applying for a Cayman Islands passport

| 12/07/2016

I have Cayman status through the “right to be Caymanian” through one of my parents. I do not have a Cayman passport. Do I just apply for a Cayman passport? Or do I need to be naturalised? I ask because I have heard both yes and no and some individuals actually had to and some individuals just applied for the passport. Does this depend on the individual processing the passport application or how Caymanian the last name happens to be?

Auntie’s answer: This is one of those questions that perhaps to the person asking looks straightforward but, unfortunately, it is not. As we have discussed recently (see The ins and outs of Caymanian status), issues of status, naturalisation and who is eligible for what passport could have as many solutions/opinions as those asking the questions.

To confirm, I contacted a Department of Immigration official about your query. Here is what they said: “I would suggest that they contact one of the immigration consultancy firms or an attorney to first of all ascertain if they are eligible for a Caymanian passport and if so the process of applying for one.”

The official then explained the reason for not directly answering your question: “I cannot provide answers to questions that are specific to a particular individual or situation as two people may have what appear to be identical circumstances but one is eligible for a benefit under the immigration law and the other is not.”

I would like to weigh in here to say that I do not believe the immigration representative is deliberately being evasive. While I have heard my fair share of immigration horror stories over the years, I think this response offers reasonable and sober advice. Each situation, no matter how alike it may appear on the surface to another set of circumstances, can be just different enough to warrant a different answer.

If you cannot afford to consult an attorney, I suggest you take advantage of the free Legal Befrienders Service available through the Family Resource Centre, which I have mentioned before. See Need legal advice for contested will for more information on this very valuable service.

I would also hope that the Passport Office (943-7678 or 949-8344) might be able to offer some direction for you since it is responsible for the processing and issuing of Cayman Islands passports.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Auntie and very well put. It is important that the community (and politicians) realize that having a Cayman Passport is no indication by itself that someone is Caymanian, and that many Caymanians are ineligible to have a Cayman passport.

    • Anonymous says:

      How backwards and ignorant is the Cayman Law. I’ve never heard of any country granting a passport to a person who is not a Citizen! How ridiculous. And on the other side of the coin, why would a Caymanian not have rights to have a Cayman passport? This is crazy. I can understand that Cayman doesn’t allow people to come here and give birth to get citizenship for their child just like Cayman can’t keep refugees here, the island is simply just too small. But once a person is a Caymanian, how on earth could they not be eligible for a Cayman Passport???????!!!!!!! And how the heck does a person who is not Caymanian get a Caymanian Passport??????!!!!!

      Sounds like the lawmakers were intoxicated when they passed these Laws.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman is not a country and therefore has no such thing as a citizen. Start there and the system is a little more understandable. It is crazy though, and has been created by politicians. The Cabinet status grants were the first time large numbers of non Cayman passport holders could become Caymanian. What we face now is part of the legacy from that.

        • Anonymous says:

          FYI: Cayman is a country, it is just that the Cayman islands is a British Overseas Territory. Therefore there is such a thing as a Citizen