Proper use of four-way flashers

| 12/07/2016

What are the rules in regard to moving vehicles with four-way flashers on? I often see vehicles towing trailers (including the police) with four-way flashers on. What does this mean? I learned to drive in the UK where the rules stated it was for the purpose of identifying a stationary vehicle that may be a hazard to other traffic, but here it seems to mean something else.

Auntie’s answer: Once again, I went right to the police with this question to make sure there was no confusion. The answer is that the rules are the same here as in the UK. Four-way flashers do indicate a hazard — whether stationary or moving — to warn other drivers to be careful.

The RCIPS spokesperson clarified that the only police unit that would be towing a trailer on the roads here is the Joint Marine Unit  transporting one of their vessels.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A vehicle towing a trailer with flashers should be given a ticket, even the RCIPS. ALL trailers are supposed to have proper connected lights. Therefore no need for flashers.

  2. GR says:

    If you are using your flashers then you can’t use your indicators to signal you are going to turn. I’m sure towing a trailer is theoretically not a hazard but in practise …

    • Barbara Clark says:

      I agree. 4 way flashers on moving vehicles are hazardous as the turn signals can’t be used to indicate intentions. No wait. Cayman drivers often don’t use their turn signals to indicate intention anyway. ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Emergency lights are used to indicate that the vehicle may be towing or maybe moving slower then usual (flat tire). They also use them if they have something extending from the vehicle such as a bicycle in the back end. Police do not need to be involved unless they thing it is still a danger.

    • Anonymous says:

      Driving with a flat tyre is not only stupid it is not an emergency, neither is towing a trailer. And what do you suggest they indicate turns with? Don’t say hand signals because that doesn’t work either.

    • Anonymous says:

      But they shouldn’t be if the vehicle is moving.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If the rules here are the same as the UK then it is only for stationary vehicles not moving ones. So RCIPS which is it?