Equestrians mount up for new challenge

| 21/09/2016
CNS Local Life

Paula Daniels riding Second Kiss

(CNS Local Life): Cayman’s equestrians took part in a new riding challenge at the combined training show held Sunday, 18 September at the Cayman Riding School in Savannah. Unlike other most other competitions where horse and rider attempt just one equestrian discipline, combined training pairs dressage with a round of show jumping.

Dressage is the highest expression of training where horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements. This develops obedience, flexibility and balance, and is the foundation of all other equestrian disciplines.

Show jumping is when horse and rider have to negotiate numerous fences around a course with a variety of turns and changes of direction. The aim is to jump around the predetermined course within an allotted time without incurring any penalties.

The winner of the combined training competition is the horse and rider with the lowest amount of penalties from both dressage and jumping.

“We run a number of different size jumping classes and dressage tests throughout the show to encourage all levels of riders to participate,” said Tracey Surrey, owner and instructor at the riding school. She added that the ages of participants ranged from 7 to over 40, with many riders competing for the first time.

“It is very encouraging to see so many riders wanting to participate – although competing is definitely not the main objective at Cayman Riding School. We run a very busy ‘after school’ programme which caters to riders of all abilities, we are affiliated (with) the British Pony Club and have a very active adult riding programme – fondly known as ‘The Rusty Stirrup Club.’ ”

The next show is scheduled for Sunday, 9 October. Members of the public are welcome and entrance is free.

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