Brianna Wilkerson garners YCLA nod

| 08/11/2016
CNS Local Life

YCLA recipient Brianna Wilkerson (centre) with fellow finalists (L-R) Alexandra Bodden, Shena Ebanks, Tedrick Green and Kristina Maxwell

(CNS Local Life): Brianna Wilkerson has been named the Young Caymanian Leadership Award winner for 2016. The 27-year-old accountant from George Town was recognised at the 16th annual ceremony held 5 November. Wilkerson was one of five finalists up for this year’s award, with the rest of the group comprising Shena Ebanks, Dr Kristina Maxwell, Dr Alexandria Bodden and Tedrick Green. Since its inception, the YCLA has acknowledged 80 young people who serve as role models for Cayman’s youth.

In addition to her accountancy credentials, Wilkerson runs a health-coaching and wellness business, and is a strong advocate for using natural solutions for better health.

In her acceptance speech, she noted the award was an honour and a responsibility she didn’t take lightly because of the opportunity that the role presented to transform the youth of Cayman. She added the transformation required everyone being committed to “serving and loving the young and old people of Cayman with all we have and helping them to find their purpose in life”.

Wilkerson also recognised her fellow finalists. “During my time together with each of these finalists over the past few months getting to know them, hear their heart for the youth and their love for Cayman and their desire to see transformation for our community, I thought to myself I would love to follow them, they are four amazing people who give their lives to see their island and their nation reach its full potential,” she said.

In thanking the people who have supported her, she expressed her gratitude to award organiser, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation, “for identifying me as a leader, and proving to me over the past two months that who I am and what I do matters and (is) worth sharing”.


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