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| 29/11/2016
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Savannah Primary (blue) and St Ignatius Prep faced each other in a final regular season game

(PFL): The final regular season games in the 2016/2017 CUC Primary Football League (PFL) and Girls’ Primary Football League (GPFL), held Saturday, 26 November, gave schools the chance to qualify for either the Champions Cup or Consolation Cup competitions, which are scheduled to kick off 3 December. In the Under 11 division, two schools steeped in primary school football history, Sir John A. Cumber Primary and Cayman Prep, captured top spots in Group A and Group B, respectively, ensuring passage into the Champions Cup as number one seeds.

Sir John A. Cumber Primary ended the regular season undefeated and top of Group A with four wins and two draws following a comprehensive 3-1 victory over Cayman International School, thanks to goals from Jamari Samuda in the ninth minute, Javon Henry in the 29th and Nahshon Ebanks in the 39th. Toby Johns pulled one back for Cayman International School in the 46th minute but it was too little too late.

In Group B, Cayman Prep finished their regular season with a perfect record of six wins out of six after a 5-1 defeat of Bodden Town Primary. Cayman Prep seek to avenge last year’s Under 11 Champions Cup loss to eventual 2015/2016 champions Red Bay Primary.

Accompanying Sir John A. Cumber Primary and Cayman Prep into the Under 11 Champions Cup will be St Ignatius Prep, Savannah Primary and Cayman International School from Group A, and Prospect Primary ‘A’, Triple C and NorthEast Schools from Group B.

Schools that will be competing in the Under 11 Consolation Cup include Truth For Youth, George Town Primary, Prospect Primary ‘B’, Red Bay Primary, Bodden Town Primary and South Sound Schools.

Other final scores from the Under 11 division played this past Saturday included Savannah Primary 0 vs St Ignatius Prep 2; Truth For Youth 0 vs Prospect Primary ‘B’ 4 (forfeit); NorthEast Schools 4 vs South Sound Schools 1; Triple C 0 vs Red Bay Primary 1 and Cayman Brac 2 vs Prospect Primary ‘A’ 2. The Cayman Brac vs Prospect Primary ‘A’ matchup was played in Cayman Brac and it marked the first time a CUC PFL game was played in the Brac.

In the Under 9 division, schools qualifying for the Champions Cup from Group A include St. Ignatius Prep, Cayman International School, Sir John A. Cumber Primary and Cayman Prep ‘B’. From Group B, it will be Cayman Prep ‘A’, Triple C, South Sound Schools and Red Bay Primary.

The Consolation Cup will feature George Town Primary and Savannah Primary from Group A and Prospect Primary, Bodden Town Primary and NorthEast Schools from Group B.

Scores from the final day of the Under 9 regular season included Cayman International School 4 vs Sir John A. Cumber Primary 0; Savannah Primary 0 vs St Ignatius Prep 4 (respect rule enforced); Cayman Prep ‘A’ 2 vs Bodden Town Primary 0; NorthEast Schools 0 vs South Sound Schools 2; and Triple C 2 vs Red Bay Primary 0.

In the GPFL, the squads from Sir John A. Cumber Primary ‘A’ and Triple C topped their respective groups with undefeated records. Sir John A. Cumber Primary ‘B’ finished Group A with three wins and two draws and Triple C completed their regular season in Group B with four wins out of four.

Schools advancing to the GPFL Champions Cup with Sir John A. Cumber ‘A’ and Triple C include Cayman International School, St Ignatius Prep , Savannah Primary, Sir John A. Cumber ‘B’, Cayman Prep and Prospect Primary ‘GB’.

Schools competing in the GPFL Consolation Cup will be Prospect Primary ‘GA’, George Town Primary and Bodden Town Primary.

Final regular season scores from this past Saturday’s games in the GPFL were Cayman International School 0 vs Sir John A. Cumber ‘A’ 0; Savannah Primary 0 vs St Ignatius Prep 2 and Cayman Prep 4 vs Bodden Town Primary 0 (forfeit).

The PFL and GPFL Champions Cup and Consolation Cup playoffs begin Saturday, 3 December at the Annex Field beginning at 9am. The playoffs continue on 10 December, 7 January, 14 January, 21 January (semifinals) and 28 January (finals and third place). All playoff games will be held at the Annex Field.

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