Attaching the new licence plates

| 19/01/2017

With the replacement of old licence plates with the new (police tracking), will the mounting holes fit the ones on our cars? I received new plates last year and the mounting holes did not line up with what’s on my car (had to redrill holes) — my car is a Ford Explorer — and since these will be tamper proof, what happens in this case?

Auntie’s answer: There is good news. The Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) does not expect you to encounter any such issue with the new licence plate. For anyone who hasn’t heard about these plates, they will contain chips to enable tracking of the vehicle (see DVDL to begin making own secure plates).

A department official said these new plates will be encased in a tamper-proof kit that allows for attaching to many different makes and models of vehicles. Instead of the traditional hole in each corner, the back of the kit, which will hold the plate, contains various holes/slots.

As for your particular car, he said, “Given the amount of the holes in the back, I would be very surprised that the plate (once in the kit) couldn’t be affixed to the Explorer without the need for extra drilling.”

When you receive your fancy new plates, please report back on whether this proves to be the case.

In addition, the official explained that the kit that encompasses the registration plate is in two parts. Once these parts are snapped together, the kit will completely enclose the plate, except for the holes in the back for attaching to the vehicle.

And once the parts are snapped into place, any attempt to remove the plate would destroy the kit.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This crackpot project makes about as much sense as using a sledgehammer to drive in a finishing nail. A few folks flout the licensing law, so the rest of us get monitored like criminals with those ankle devises, and pay millions to add insult to injury. Thanks a lot Kurt. Any more bright ideas?

  2. AJ says:

    Will we only need 1 plate in the back. I don’t see the need for two plates anymore. Florida cars only have one plate and with all the fancy cars lots of them don’t even have a place for them. It will also be half the cost for this very costly not so smart idea!

    • Anonymous says:

      Were not in Florida if you haven’t noticed!

      • Anonymous says:

        Point being why 2 plates

        • Anonymous says:

          You may not have noticed, but once a car has passed you when driving it’s very difficult, as a fellow driver, to get the plate details. When the police ask for witnesses or details of vehicles who may have been driving erratically etc then it really helps if people can easily get the details of the plate. I find it quite disgusting how many people on this island have chosen to model their license plates on Florida (which is currently illegal) just because they don’t like having a plate front and back. Perhaps we shouldn’t wear seat belts because it crumples our expensive shirt?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Before going out for a drive you wrap the entire thing in tin foil, just the same way you do the ankle monitor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How long do you think it will take to adapt this with a removable kit , complete with tinted-out cover so you cant read the numbers , such as most low-riders display now ? With impunity.

  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks for your answer

  6. Anonymous says:

    But I assume we can still remote the whole kit from the car right? I mean if I need to do work on my bumper or need to take it off for any work on my car, I won’t need to take it to someone to take it off?