CCMI launches virtual reef education

| 09/01/2017

Tom Sparke of CCMI shows correct way to dissect a lionfish for ReefsGoLive

(CNS Local Life): The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) is taking classrooms underwater as its latest educational initiative. Designed to let any student, regardless of location or physical ability, experience the wonders of life under the ocean’s surface, ReefsGoLive aims to promote ocean literacy and ultimately create more stewards of the oceans, without anyone even getting wet.

ReefsGoLive is a virtual underwater experience with marine scientists communicating in real-time with students in the classroom, living room or on a mobile device, through the use of full-face masks worn by the diver and the ability to live stream from underwater, CCMI stated in a press release.

“We now live in a world where information and media is available in real time,” said Tom Sparke, CCMI education manager, who developed the initiative. “Education needs to be tailored to connect with today’s student. ReefsGoLive is an innovative tool that will engage with young students by taking them on a virtual dive with our marine scientists to unlock the secrets of Little Cayman’s reefs. ReefsGoLive has the potential to change the way students interact with their pristine waters and aid in CCMI’s mission to promote ocean literacy amongst young people.”

The project has already been piloted with a live lionfish lesson delivered in real-time to a group of 25 students at Westwood High School in the US state of Massachusetts. Teacher Michael Mao expressed keen interest in the project, saying, “The students in my class were very engaged in the lesson and indicated that it was more interesting than just watching a YouTube video.

“They particularly liked the interaction with the scientists and the ability to get their questions answered immediately.  It is a great way to expose students to field research and environmental issues.”

Ocean literacy is one of CCMI’s key mandates as it strives to take its cutting-edge research and translate that information to the wider public through education programmes that will promote ocean stewardship globally.

“ReefsGoLive will make it possible to broadcast live underwater lessons right into any classroom that has a weblink,” said Dr Carrie Manfrino, CCMI president.

“The programme will help the CCMI to reach their long-term goal for every child in the Cayman Islands to be ocean literate by the time they are 12 years old.”

Each year, CCMI offers scholarships for local students to come to the Little Cayman Research Centre, where the institute hosts 10 school programmes, and their educators travel to Grand Cayman to teach part of their Young Environmental Leadership Course.

“We have run out of space at the research centre during peak months for researchers and we have been looking for solutions,” Manfrino said. “I am pleased that we will get closer to the grand vision of ocean literacy thanks to the ReefsGoLive project.”

Funding is required to purchase the equipment, develop the ocean literacy training modules, and brand, promote and then deliver the programme to schools.

For more information on ReefsGoLive or to donate to the project, visit the CCMI website 

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