Government purchase of land by Smith Cove

| 16/01/2017

After recently spending a glorious afternoon at Smith Barcadere, I am curious to know what progress has been made by government in the purchase of the land adjacent to the beach. As was clear from the Save the Cove campaign, this is an issue near and dear to the hearts of Caymanians and visitors alike. However, despite promises by CIG for a speedy resolution, it has been some months since any update on the imminent purchase of this land has been published. Could you please research and provide us with an update?

Auntie’s answer: It was certainly major news when the government decided to purchase the land by Smith Cove after a very passionate public campaign to stop a developer from building a condo there (see Developer agrees to sell Smith Cove to CIG).

Now that the excitement has died down for supporters of the campaign to preserve the cove and with the start of a new year, this seems a great time for your question.

The answer has come from the Ministry of Planning, with a representative saying that government was “contractually bound to complete purchase of the parcel by 22 January 2017, and that it is fully expected this will be achieved”.

I was assured that the deal has not encountered any problems and it will be happening as planned.

I know that many people might remain skeptical that the deal will be going through, but with an actual date now out there, we can check back to make sure the government has kept its promise and officially made the purchase.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The 22nd came and went and nothing in the press. Will follow up with the Premier on Thursday.

  2. Sharkey says:

    CNS , today is January 27 2017 , I have not heard or is able to read anything about the Smith Cove land purchase . Is Government quietly pushing it under the rug ?

    CNS can you please give the people an update on the land purchase ?

  3. Sharkey says:

    I think that the people of Cayman needs to know about the outcome of this land purchase by no later than the end of January 2017 and publicly known, because I see this land deal being locked up in the Freedom of information room till well after the election , and we would be right back to square one.

    I think the people need to show the Government that they would be held accountable from January 2017 onward.