Unclear on benefits of Linford Pierson roadworks

| 26/01/2017

Where can I find or what is the plan for the expansion of the Linford Pierson Highway? Unsure how the widening is going to help traffic; won’t it just bottleneck at the Kings Sports Centre roundabout?

Auntie’s answer: Our roads are certainly getting a lot of attention these days. Let’s start with the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, which is being converted into four lanes, two in each direction, with a couple of roundabouts thrown in for good measure.

The completion of that expansion may not be as “soon come” as the sign has long promised but I welcome with open arms any project that prevents people from overtaking there. There have been too many near misses and tragic accidents on that stretch of road.

But I digress. Your question had to do with that other rush-hour nightmare, the Linford Pierson. I passed your query to the helpful folk at the National Roads Authority.

Their best advice is for you to see the plans yourself; therefore you are invited to drop by the NRA office (370 North Sound Road, at the Public Works compound) so they can show you the drawings. I also feel confident that they would be available to discuss any of your concerns about the project.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Linford Pierson is certainly weird. Looks like they have cleared a stretch for 10 lanes, yet now the curb stones are going in, i doubt there is room for a bike lane.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Auntie mixed up the roads. The question was regarding the Linford Pierson Highway but the answer was regarding the bypass between Camana Bay and AL T’s if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Anonymous says:

    answer: the project will solve nothing…it was an invented project to keep the public works department busy…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Apart from being belligerent and obstructive, is there any reason why they would not give you an image setting out the design so you could post it online, Auntie?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It means you will be able to reach the traffic jam much quicker.