Wants Hurley’s to return to Walkers Road

| 17/01/2017

A few years ago, the Eden Centre on Walkers Road was partially demolished to make way for a new building there. At that time I read in the newspaper that Hurley’s will re-open their store there. It’s been several years since then, but no new building has been built. There only remains part of the old un-demolished building/s with some stores operating there. Would Hurley’s ever open their branch there again? It would be so convenient as that is a very convenient location for so many living around there. If Hurley’s is not interested to re-open, would Foster’s consider opening a branch there?

Auntie’s answer: You are certainly right that a supermarket at that end of Walkers Road would probably be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood for residents who live in that area.

I did some checking as you requested and my advice to you is: Don’t hold your breath.

A Hurley’s representative said that the store, which originally opened at Walkers Road, served customers for many years until Hurricane Ivan destroyed it in 2004. While they are “working toward expansion through added locations”, they steered clear of saying anything about reopening a branch at that spot. Your only Hurley’s option remains at Grand Harbour.

At this point, I have not heard about any other store opening there either.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope one day they can finally do something with that plaza, it is a good spot going to waste.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, there is a desperate need for a new store there to catch the key sector of the market, namely those too lazy to drive 5 minutes to the other stores.

  3. Anonymous says:

    they’ll put another burger king there – save people from having to walk 100 metres

  4. Anonymous says:

    Or anything…Walkers Road did not look like it does now back then… Even the chicken man has cleaned up his act but this industry name and prominent, very wealthy family still can’t even bother to make a clean space there that doesn’t remind the community of the worst thing that ever happened to it and could be sold and/or used for another purpose. Where is their shame?

  5. Darveson Porter says:

    That would have been the perfect spot for Cost-U-Less!

    • Anonymous says:

      Or for another branch of Fosters or Kirk Market…or may be some new supermarket chain !