Zak Quappe scholarship lifted with new donation

| 10/01/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Barrie Quappe of ZQFS receives donation from Kelly and Jeff McGlashan of Trees4Life

(CNS Local Life): A local company has donated to the Zak Quappe Flight Scholarship (ZQFS), which aims to support young Caymanians in their quest to earn a private pilot’s licence. The scholarship was established by the family of the late Quappe, a pilot and qualified flight instructor who developed a passion for flying from an early age. He died in 2013 at the age of 21.

Kelly and Jeff McGlashan of Trees4Life presented the CI$3,000 donation, representing a portion of proceeds from Christmas tree sales, to Barrie Quappe, Zak’s mother, who is a ZQFS committee member. She said of the donation, “It is heartwarming that my son’s former employer still actively is supportive of our efforts not only to remember Zak but to build Caymanians in aviation purposefully.”

The scholarship is inclusive, covering costs such as flight school, training flights and travel expenses to and from the US. The grant, which runs between US$12,000 and US$15,000, is awarded annually.

For further information or to support the scholarship, email committee members Barrie Quappe or Sheree Ebanks, or go to the ZQFS Facebook page 

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