Save Cayman sets up eco-tourism internships

| 07/02/2017
CNS Local Life

Interns will be trained to cull lionfish as this diver demonstrates

(CNS Local Life): Local environmental group Save Cayman is taking applications for its Environmental Ambassadors Programme set to launch this summer, with the first internship running from 19 June-11 August. Participants will learn about marine and terrestrial conservation issues and the eco-tourism industry. They will also have the opportunity to visit several historical sites and work on resume writing.

“Our aim is to give our young Caymanians the skills, knowledge and experience required to take part in our tourism industry,” said Save Cayman administrator Gabriella Hernandez.

“We believe it is important that we have young Caymanians in the industry that have a well-rounded understanding and appreciation for what makes Cayman unique so that they may share that with our visitors.”

There are four available positions, but the group hopes to expand with private and public support. The programme is aimed at those between the ages of 18 and 25 who have an interest in the natural world or are keen on starting a career in eco-tourism. High school leavers are also eligible with parents’ permission.

The initiative is a collaboration among Save Cayman, Divetech, the Department of Environment (DoE), Sea Elements, the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, and the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.

Jo Mikutowicz of DiveTech said her company “is very excited about being a part of the Environmental Ambassadors Programme. Participants will receive beginner and advanced open water scuba diving certification with a focus on marine conservation by tending to our coral nurseries.

“They will also learn how to safely eradicate invasive lionfish from our reefs and learn how to identify different types of marine life. Each course is designed to teach them how to be safe and environmentally aware divers. We hope this will give them the knowledge and skills that they need to carry onto further training to someday work in the diving Industry here in Cayman.”

John Bothwell of the DoE said of the initiative: “This will help participants get a broader view of how Cayman’s natural resources are both unique and abundant and in need of nurturing”.

Save Cayman administrator Morgan Ebanks hopes “young Caymanians that become involved in this programme will take away with them knowledge and skills to help create a shift in the way we think about and manage our natural world.

“When we can change the way we think, we can change the way we act and react. This is essential if we want to ensure that our culture and natural environment are not only found in textbooks someday.”

For more information and to apply email Save Cayman 

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