Strata complexes need to help with recycling

| 28/03/2017

Whichever company (private or government owned) does the recycling of plastic, metal and glass in Cayman, can they place separate bins at each strata for collecting these recyclables and pick them up at regular intervals? There are some large bins at Kirk Market, Camana Bay, etc. but not everyone would remember to save and take them to such places for recycling. It could be very helpful to place smaller bins (not the large containers) at strata developments to make it easy for people to assist with recycling, rather than just putting them in trash. They may also place such bins at other popular places. I know it could be expensive as they will need to hire manpower to collect them, but can anything be done at all about this? How about asking for volunteers?

Auntie’s answer: I like the way you think. Anything that makes it easy for people to recycle is a good thing because, let’s face it, not everyone is going to be keen to save up bottles and tins all week and then haul those to the nearest collection point.

In addition to the places you mentioned, there are recycling bins at Foster’s Supermarkets all around the island and at Grand Harbour; these supermarket depots are the main focus of the Department of Environmental Health’s (DEH) recycling programme, according to an official. The DEH also maintains recycling bins for aluminium cans throughout Cayman, and collects batteries and mulches Christmas trees after the holidays. The environment for recycling has improved greatly over the last few years, but clearly more needs to be done.

Now to your specific question about strata recycling. It sounds to me like you are already leaning in the right direction. Since these are private entities, it is really up to the people living there to encourage others to organise recycling where they live.

There are companies around that pick up bottles and cans and other recyclables along with collecting trash, and a quick online search will direct you to those. The DEH representative added that some strata have already set up their own recycling systems with these private firms.


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  1. annonymous says:

    Good question to Auntie. I fully agree with your idea and hope we get to this point very soon.

    I live in an apt complex which have dumpsters but not specific to recycling, so clearly they are not interested as a strata in recycling. Or…I am thinking perhaps they find it too chore some to set up and oversee its collection by DOE.

    I started my own recycling a few years back by separating the various types in garbage bags. A year back I found some recycling bins at Price Right that fit neatly against a wall, and this makes life so much easier.

    I empty my bins in the recycle bins nearer the Royal Bank side of Hurley’s parking lot.
    Its easy to get to and you can go anytime.

    We collectively are going to have to keep at it by encouraging family, friends and colleagues to recycle in the work place and at home.

    Until the mindsets change, and it may take a while unfortunately, those of us who respect the importance of recycling have to continue to lead by example…in hopes that we will eventually get there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Information on what happens to the recycled stuff would go a long way towards encouraging people to recycle.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rumours abound about it all ending up on Mt Trashmore anyway, along with everything else, so why bother recycling. Is there any truth to this?

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s taken to the dump where it’s stored until there’s enough to be shipped off island, so the recycling trucks go to the same place place as the garbage trucks but it doesn’t just go straight in the landfill.

        Any glass you recycle at Camana Bay also gets used in local construction.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Next they will want everyone to have four or five different garbage cans in their homes. No thanks. One place for all the trash. No more.

  4. Kman says:

    Good article and really hope that Cayman can achieve a recycling target of 60% by 2030 that would be great especially considering we import 90% of our goods. The big wholesalers could do much more as often the containers they use to bring in items leave here mostly empty so do the 10 cent collect and then have the bottles sent to Miami or Tampa to be recycled.

    In Switzerland where I live 85% recycle and do once a week door pickup of carton and newspapers, glass, plastic and metal are deposited at recycle stations along with old clothing/shoes. Cayman can be a positive for other Caribbean islands if we show more respect towards our natural environment.

  5. It would be great to see glass/plastic/aluminum recycling bins at Governor’s Beach, Public Beach, Smith Cove, etc. Any chance of DEH providing this service?