Inmates give back to the community

| 25/08/2017
CNS Local Life

Prison officer and inmates during recent clean-up

(CNS Local Life): Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS) rolled out its new community works programme this month, as inmates hit the streets with trash bags in hand, ready to give back to the community. “We are thrilled to launch this pilot clean-up project called ‘Prison Community Work Party’,” Prison Director Neil Lavis said.

“This project allows inmates to clean up various communities throughout the island, by removing graffiti, picking up garbage, shoveling seaweed and generally keeping the districts litter-free,” he added in a government press release.

Minister for Home Affairs Tara Rivers praised the launch of the new programme. “I commend Director Lavis for implementing this new programme at HMCIPS, and the work being carried out to clean-up our roadways,” she said. “I know this new initiative will create a positive experience for all residents and the inmates, as they perform this community service to keep our country beautiful and clean.”

The HMCIPS inmates began the clean-up project at Northward Prison, and have continued throughout the Bodden Town community and along Shamrock Road in the Prospect and Red Bay area.

Lavis said the project will pave the way for additional community outreach projects which the prison hopes to implement. “The aim is to eventually partner with various environmental health agencies and clean-up crews to have the men assigned to specific districts on a daily basis,” he explained. “All men who are taking part in this project have been risk-assessed and cleared to participate and are under constant surveillance by HMCIPS prison officers.”

Deputy Director of Prison Rehabilitation Aduke Joseph-Caesar said any public and non-profit agencies can apply to become part of the programme. “Interested agencies are required to fill out an application and, if eligible, the work will be done at no cost,” she said. “It is required that each agency provides the required supplies in order for the inmates to perform the necessary clean-up duties.”

Lavis added that two signs will be displayed along the roadways that read “Caution: Men at Work” to protect the inmates from any injury due to traffic, and to alert the public to the work taking place.

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