Unhappy with rubbish collection

| 27/08/2017

What’s the appropriate party to speak to regarding the garbage service? I know this isn’t the top job for most people, but I don’t think the staff should show such little regard to the belongings of householders. Time after time my bins are scattered on the road, the bin house gate broken, etc. Who is responsible for the service being provided?

Auntie’s answer: The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is responsible for the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of solid waste materials through its solid waste management section. I put your question to the DEH and received a response from Mark Rowlands, Assistant Director, Solid Waste.

Since his answer specifically addresses your concerns, I will quote his response directly. “I am disappointed to hear that your belongings are not being respected, especially as we strive to improve our standard to our customers here at DEH,” he said. “Solid waste drivers’ assistants are expected to place the bins back the way they were put out. Sometimes they are flipped over by our workers when they are without lids to prevent them from filling up with water, especially during storms. Additionally, sometimes the wind will blow them about after they’ve been emptied.”

Mr Rowlands added that he was “happy to hear that you have a gate on your ‘bin house’ as it is very difficult for our workers to constantly lift bins over the sides”.

He also supplied a flyer on the proper set-out procedures for rubbish, which you can read here.

You should know he plans to investigate your complaint; to do so he has requested your name and contact information “so I can identify the responsible crew to ensure they hear your message”. You can call (743-5977) or email Mr Rowlands to supply that.

He added, “If the damage is unreasonable to your facility, DEH would be willing to have it repaired.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What ever you do don’t let the men on the truck find out you complained. Trust me they will do a lot worse to your property every week when they know you were the one who complained. Just be happy your trash is collected and use the money you saved to get the body work done on your cars, repair your fence, replace your exterior lighting and replace your smashed bins every few months. What they will do to you in their spare time will far exceed the other minor inconveniences. Trust me.

    • Anonymous says:

      WOW! Law and order don’t exist in this country?
      An advice to the person who had asked the question: Install as many “live” camera’s as you can, including night time vision cameras. They are not that expensive. And it could be completely disguised. I’d give you a couple of more advices, but CNS won’t publish it. But you’ve got an idea. To live with wolves you must howl as one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    a bit off the subject….but still about garbage collection.

    …GARBAGE MAN GETS 30 DAYS IN JAIL FOR PICKING UP TRASH TOO EARLY.. Trash pick-up according to city ordinances is limited to 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. – but the overly ambitious McGill was showing up in neighborhoods as early as 5 a.m.

    Now, I believe that the Cayman Islands has no noise ordinance, otherwise noise ordinance would apply to trash trucks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this post, as we’ve had similar issues with Bins scattered all over the place. I’m afraid this wasn’t the result of wind etc….The flyer you attached can’t be opened I’m afraid.

    CNS: It’s fixed now.